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Shipping & Returns


After submission of an order, the order will be reviewed. If the order is accepted, a summary of the order will be emailed to the customer with the ability to pay. Once payment is received the order will be processed. Only orders within the United States will be approved. During the 2018 calendar year, only orders placed within Black Hawk county will be accepted without question. All other orders will be considered and could potentially be denied. 


Shipping will be completed 14 days after ordering the light bulbs. The box will come with labels that depict the type of lights and the room in which the lights are ordered for.


If any light bulb is damaged or does not function properly upon arrival we will replace the light bulb free of charge. In addition, we offer a warranty to replace any LED light bulb that breaks due to production error or burns from use. This warranty is only $1.99/month at check out and lasts until cancelled. Return of functional light bulbs will not be accepted.


Payment will be accepted through credit card or PayPal online as well as cash or checks in person. If you would like to pay in person or if you have any questions about payment, please contact us with the information below.

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