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Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it, hear what our customers think of our service. 

Blackhawk Automatic Sprinklers

Manufacturing Facility


Blackhawk Automatic Sprinklers wanted to take full advantage of the energy savings, light improvement, and maintenance reduction LED lighting has to offer. Most of all, they wanted to accomplish these things at a great price with high quality lighting, so they chose to contact LED Save.

The Vice President of the company, Lee Berryman, was very pleased with the benefits LED lighting offered. He said, "The lighting is much brighter and consistent. I can finally read papers on my desk!" He also noted the lights use less heat so they have been able to turn down their A/C system to save even more on energy.

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Annual Savings


kWh reduction


Years to Payback


Covered by Rebates


First United Methodist Church

Church - Place of Worship

Building Image.jpg

The First United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls, IA wanted to save more money on the energy bill so they could reduce the maintenance cost of their building. They were also getting tired of all the maintenance work their inefficient lighting was causing. So they contacted LED Save to help them fix their issue. 

After a brief free assessment, LED Save provided the First United Methodist church a summary of the projected savings, lighting cost, and maintenance reduction of replacing their lights to LED. This provided clear communication to the church how the installation would help them. 

The First United Methodist Church is glad they contacted LED Save. Give us a call for a free consultation today!

Annual Savings


kWh reduction


Years to Payback


Covered by Rebates


Earth's Beauty Supply

Retail Store


Eath's Beauty Supply was interested in improving their light quality and reducing energy costs with LED lighting. After LED save assessed Earth's Beauty Supply for free, the store owner, Pat, was very interested in moving forward with the project.


Because LED Save offers very flexible installation times, the installation of the lighting occured when Earth's Beauty Supply was closed. This made the installation process very smooth and did not disrupt normal business for the store.

After the lights had been installed Pat told us "I am LOVING the brightness of the lights and am VERY happy with it!"

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Annual Savings


kWh reduction


Years to Payback


Covered by Rebates


Pitze's Beauty Salon

Hair Salon

Click the image to watch the video!

Annual Savings


kWh reduction


Pitze's Beauty Salon in Waterloo, Iowa did a great job serving their customers, except they had some difficulty with the dim lighting in the salon. The darkness in the salon caused unwanted shadows that made their job difficult and even caused hair dyes to look different in the salon. LED Save then suggested they should change their lighting to LED. 

At first, the owner, Sue Charles, was hesitant to change to LED, stating she was nervous the new lighting would actually make it too bright in the salon. LED Save worked with Pitze's Beauty Salon to ensure the new lights would brighten her place up to the amount she desired. The result was exactly what she needed and Sue is happy knowing she is now serving her customers better.

After the LED installation, Pitze's received a rebate from their utility company, as well as substantial savings on their monthly utility bills. Sue has also received several comments about how nice the new lights look.

Years to Payback


Covered by Rebates


Retail Store

National Cigar Store

Store & John.jpg

Annual Savings


kWh reduction


The National Cigar Store was interested in cutting thier energy costs and improve the brightness in there shop. Customers had noticed it was a little dim in the location. 

LED Save offered the perfect solution to improve the brightness of the store and reduce energy consumption while providing aesthetically pleasing light panels.


John, the owner of the store, was very please with the results and recommends LED Save to many other buildings in the area. He also mentioned that LED Save offers much better pricing than local competition.

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